Influence Of Color In Branding

Color is a powerful visual tool. From influencing your mood to determining your personality, color plays a huge role in constructing you. And not only you, your company’s influence and marketing are equally based on the color theme and the logo of the company. Color, as a powerful branding tool, bolsters your brand attitude, enables brand recognition, evokes human emotions and makes your company stand out of the crowd.

Remember the iconic Microsoft logo? The iconic Windows logo with its yellow, blue, green and red symbolizes the entire company at a glance. Windows is a huge company, the light Blue symbolizes how big and ‘slick’ the brand is. The Red symbolizes products of the Microsoft brand. Remember the Office package logo? Yes, it’s Red! The color Green symbolizes Microsoft’s gaming platform and it’s capabilities. You may have guessed it- Xbox is green itself. And the yellow, it represents Bing! (Not sure though, yellow is a mystery in the logo). This example is enough to show how many different things your logo can mean. Without their iconic Windows logo and its color scheme, no one will remember Windows.


Without its vibrant color, the Microsoft logo loses its value significantly.


Different colors affect human minds differently. For creating a logo and color scheme that can be a legacy for your brand, the logo needs to be easily embedded on your customers’ minds. However, shapes such as circle or square or any such shape based logos do not work out well because these are used everywhere. Remember, your logo needs to be relevant with the products that you manufacture and must not be too complex to remember.

Try to create logos that are different from your rivals. For example, in the carbonated beverage market, red as a whole symbolizes Coca-Cola. There’s another company that goes with red too- another company called Sodalicious. However, when you see any combination of Red and soda, it automatically generates image of Coke on your mind, not Sodalicious. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a unique color than your rival brands’.

Coming to colors, it is equally important to understand what each color means and how important is it to select the color for your company wisely. You can go with multiple colors or a single color.

  1. The color blue symbolizes professionalism and faith. It also represents nature, cleanliness, refreshment, coldness, water, sterility, serenity, security, authority, stability and safety. Companies mainly use blue in their sales and marketing purposes (even the police uniform is blue, so you can imagine how blue relates with safety). Blue also signalizes ‘technology’. Most of the tech companies such as IBM, HP, Samsung and Intel are based on blue themed logo.



  1. The color red symbolizes business, encouragement and the sense of competition in your brand. It also exemplifies love, passion, sexuality, heat, fire, energy, action, danger and violence. Most of the world’s largest companies are red, such as Coca-Cola, CNN, KFC, Ray-Ban, McDonald’s, Puma and BEATS by Dr. Dre and so on. Since red is a “warm color,” it is often used in association with yellow or orange to create logos for restaurants, especially fast food. Looking at red tends to make people hungrier; this is likely because the most delectable types of food such as Pizza, steak, barbeque and ripe fruits contain red tendencies. Red is also used to give products a sense of pulsating passion and energy, so it’s a popular color in nearly every type of advertising, including the auto industry and sport franchises.



  1. The color green symbolizes health, money or nature. Since it is also associated with earth, nature and environment, it is suitable for environmentally dedicated companies or any product made to create a feeling of “freshness” in customers. For example, Animal Planet, Starbucks, Heineken and Tic-Tac are all green. Tech companies often go with green too, such as Android, Spotify, Xbox, Hulu. Since it also symbolizes “a spot for retreat”, hotels and inns use green. For example: Holiday Inn, Radisson. And as darker shade of green represents security and universality; banks and pharmaceuticals use green too. For example, Stom Pharma, BioPharma, Citizens’ Bank, Lloyd Bank and so on.


  1. The color yellow means happiness. Yellow is the lightest color, the color with the central position on the spectrum which makes it the most eye-catching color. On the jolly side, it represents sunshine, cleanliness, comfort, joy, youth, optimism and hope. Therefore, companies of all categories use yellow, such as Snapchat, Ikea, Shell, Cat, Pringles et cetera. The bright, shiny tone makes it more appealing when used to advertise sanitary or hygiene products and construction equipment such as bulldozers, caution sign and even taxicabs.


  1. The color black represents ‘being cool’. Cool in the sense that it never goes out of fashion. Black represents darkness, mystery, elegance, class, luxury, formality, authority, power, simplicity and stability. Black ensures it is still seen when printing in B&W, therefore it is a choice of many companies for better advertising. Since many subcultures such as punk are depicted by black, it is mostly used in music, entertainment, technology and clothing. Black too, has a calming effect, but with an underlying sense of covert. It’s simple, but also bold and influential. Thus, corporate branding is often done in black to present an image of supremacy and strength.


There are many more colors, but this is the basic concept. With right selection of color and logo, your business will prosper and your logo will do most of the branding.

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