Join The Branding Brandwagon

Branding has evolved through these years. A brand is not just your business’s voice but a means of identity as well. Building a brand for your company implies setting a standard notion about what your company truly stands for. The revolutionizing concept of branding has truly upped competition for businesses worldwide, all the while providing a great means to build a loyal customer base. So on to an important question, should your company really jump into the branding bandwagon? We’d say that the answer should be a hundred yeses. It is almost impossible to envision a long term growth without the magic of branding. Moreover, the means of branding has massively branched out, thanks to the digital medium. If you have a vision for your company and access to materialize it, it would be unfortunate if you don’t consider leveling up your brand game. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started on the ‘branding party’ and see how you can give your company a strong voice.
  • Know Your Audience
This is the key to creating a relevant brand identity. You need to be clear who your target audience is and how your company’s vision and mission align with them. Without setting boundaries on who your company is catering to and what they need, your brand’s voice becomes purposeless.
  • Determine Your Goals
While making profits are definitely on your agenda, it cannot be the only goal. Brainstorm and tap deep into what message your brand really wants to convey. Form long term and short term goals that further complement your brand’s voice. The Body Shop is a classic example of how building a brand identity revolves around determining what your company truly believes in. The Body Shop goes by the tag line ‘Enrich Not Exploit’ which makes the company’s objectives crystal clear. They advocate for Eco-sustainability and aim to enrich their products, people and the planet. Associate your company’s voice with a cause that you truly care for. Build your goals around it, and don’t do it just for the sake of attracting customers. Connect your product/ services with customers through a remarkable message.
  • Identify your Competition
Analyze the market for your products and services and get a good handle on who your competitors are. This is important to refrain from building your brand around the same cliched principles. Identifying your competitors helps you branch out from the common and apply original, unique approaches to give your brand a distinctive voice.
  • Visual Identities
Much of building your brand’s voice has to do with connecting with your audience on a deeper level. However, visual identities do carry an important part in creating a strong brand identity. From the colours that go into your logo, typography, illustrations to photography influence your audience in one way or the other. Nike has created a powerful visual identity for itself through a simple ‘swoosh’ which people translate to authenticity, dominance and winning. This has helped establish Nike not just as a mere sports brand but a symbol of achievement and performance. Hence, to enhance your business, your next immediate agenda must be to build a powerful brand. It should not just connect with your customers on a superficial level but establish profound association. We understand that the technicalities of building a brand can be a little complex for you at first. It requires detailed analysis of the market, a finely crafted approach, effective monitoring and above all, a lot of patience. But don’t fret, our team of experts at IDA are all geared up to ride the brand bandwagon with you. Contact Us. 

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