With an array of social media options in front of you, it is quite possible you will want to create an account in every single one of them just to increase your reach. However,  this might not be the right approach. You need to have a clear understanding of where your reach will be the most reciprocated so that your efforts do not go to waste.

Narrowing down your options of social media will also help your business create quality content and achieve the best return of your time investment.

So what social media perfectly fits into your business? We present some ideas.


Facebook is most definitely a social platform with the highest number of users, mainly used for keeping in touch with friends and families. Hence, this can be aptly used to build a greater customer base of both old and young ages. It might not be the best option to connect on a deeper level with the audience due to the presence of a large number of users. However, it can be used as a great platform to retain existing customers.


Instagram has gained massive popularity among its young audience. Since we can only post pictures and video in this platform, it is best used for visual promotions. This provides a fun platform for businesses to connect with their audiences in an informal but engaging way. It mainly works well for restaurants, art shops, dress stores among other businesses.


YouTube has a far reach of audience and it can be rightly used to make Do It Yourself (DIY) and How To videos. Services that can create such videos such as restaurants can optimize their reach to a niche audience. YouTube can initially help increase brand awareness through company introduction, how-to videos, interviews videos and so on. After setting up a certain brand image and finding the right audience to connect, videos showcasing your products and services can be created.


Twitter is great for being updated about your respective industry. Through Twitter’s hashtags and trending option, businesses can be updated about what’s happening around and cater their services accordingly. It can also be used alongside offline engagements such as events.


LinkedIn is a strictly professional social medium which is widely used by older generations. It is mainly utilized for job search and professional networking. Hence, if you are looking to expand your professional network or recruit new employees for your company, this platform is just the right place.


Pinterest is dominated by visual contents, primarily images. Since images work well with Pinterest, it can be used by decor, art, clothing stores etc. that heavily depend on visual aids to make sales. Pinterest is also a great medium for e-commerce.

Our first step in serving you involves understanding about your business, its vision and targets. We will try understanding the project from your perspective.